Flight Dispatcher

  • Department: Transport
  • Location: Bengaluru
Job Responsibilities
  • To ensure on-time delivery.
  • To ensure accident free driving.
  • To take the vehicle for the designated duty and drive as per the instructions of the supervisors, wherever required.
  • To ensure that aligning and de-aligning of Hi-lifts is only done under the supervision of the Marshaller.
  • To check the Hi-lift (Hydraulic - mechanical and electrical) functioning before leaving the premises.
  • To report to the transport supervisor about any incident / occurrence (major or minor) happened at the airport.
  • Responsible for loading and off-loading of equipment to and from the aircraft and also be well versed with the ramp safety procedures.


Job Requirements
  • To drive safely and to follow the rules and vehicular lanes, laid down by the AAI, while inside the airport.
  • To follow the laid down procedure while at the aircraft (aligning / de-aligning) and also while docking the Hi-lifts at the Loading bay / off-loading bay in our unit.
  • To ensure that the rear shutter of the Hi-lift is properly locked before leaving from the aircraft.
  • To ensure that the flight supervisor signs and writes the time in the Hi-lift log book before leaving the aircraft.
  • To follow the guidelines laid down by the Airport Authorities and the BCAS.
  • To brief the transport supervisor of any problems / complaints.
  • To ensure that all items are loaded on the aircraft or that all items are offloaded from the aircraft before removal of the hi-lift.

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