Flight Supervisor

  • Department: Operations
  • Location: Bengaluru, Delhi
Job Responsibilities
  • Primarily responsible for loading and offloading of equipment to and from the aircraft and also be well versed with the ramp safety procedures.


Job Requirements
  • Responsible for systematic galley loading of equipment and also handover to the airline crew in a professional manner.
  • To ensure that all items are loaded on the aircraft or that all items are offloaded from the aircraft before removal of the hilift.
  • To constantly be in touch with passenger loads so as to cater to any increases well within time. All increases will be dispatched from TSACL by the Base supervisor and will have to be systematically loaded on the aircraft by the Flight supervisor.
  • Maintain adequate equipment inventory so as to have optimum usage of the airline equipment.
  • Plan and supervise correct equipment packing and First class and Business class presets.
  • Keep the airlines' manuals up-to-date and ensure that filing of checklists, inventories, packing plans and other important records including the HACCP checklists are made properly.
  • To ensure that the allocated staffs are in proper clean uniform, caps, shoes, well shaven, with clean nails and short hair.
  • Report any complaints from customers and other departments and keep the catering coordinator informed about those complaints, findings, reasons and action taken to avoid repeat.
  • Keep staff under constant supervision and training in order to improve performance.
  • Participate in sectional and departmental meetings, discuss problems related to equipment or staff if any and suggest improvements.
  • Also perform any other duties and take responsibilities assigned to him by the seniors from time to time.

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