A Culinary Legacy In The Skies

Exceptional Flavours, Exquisitely Crafted

A Culinary Legacy In The Skies

Exceptional Flavours, Exquisitely Crafted


Savour the symphony of flavours that the world has to offer, prepared by the experienced hands of the TajSATS chefs. Catering to the evolved palates of well-travelled fliers, the chefs take you on a culinary journey to the region where the cuisine was born.

With TajSATS, one can indulge in global cuisines from around the world in their lightest, purest and most nutritious form — making dining on-board one of the pleasures of travel.


A collection of different regional cuisines from across the country; each one with its own distinct and bold flavours. Indian cuisine is always appreciated for its fabulous and skilful use of herbs and spices.


Let your palate savour the burst of varied flavours that make Mexican food a favourite. Famous for its variety of spices and colourful preparation, Mexican food uses a lot of chilli peppers for their flavour, rather than their heat.


Japan may have a limited number of dishes but the way it has dominated the world says everything about its taste. The chefs at TajSATS have mastered and recreated new and contemporary versions of this cuisine.


Italian food has enslaved taste buds around the globe for centuries. The Italian preparations served by TajSATS range from delicious risottos to crisp-fried meats, and a compendium of other crowd-pleasing comfort food.


With influences from China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar and a royal culinary tradition, Thai cuisine is the best of many worlds. The combination of herbs and spices in each dish produces complex flavours that come together like orchestral music.


Featuring the most popular culinary heritage in the world, every Chinese dish focuses on creating a balance between three aspects — appearance, aroma, and taste. Along with its unforgettable flavour, a lot of attention is given to the aesthetics of the food with its myriad colours.