Accelerating Culinary Innovation

Reimagining Innovative food solutions

Culinary innovation

The chefs at TajSATS combine their knowledge of worldwide restaurant trends, regional preferences, the latest equipment, and production techniques to curate menus that are innovative, contemporary and memorable.

Blending culinary artistry with innovation to delight customers, they leverage culinary talent and diverse skill-sets to bring their partners’ vision to reality.


The chefs focus primarily on culinary innovation and constantly – conceptualise new menus, flavour development, creativity, and their future customers. They enjoy strong credibility in the community and drive contemporary food and flavour trends.

TajSATS provides their clients with access to some of the most experienced and innovative operational chefs in airline catering.


The world-class team of chefs at TajSATS evaluate state-of-the-art products available in the market, staying up-to-date with the latest developments in the culinary world.

Frequent culinary workshops and culinary insight sessions help in scouting the latest food trends and evaluating new products, equipment, and production techniques.


The skilled team of chefs are experts in food, flavour development and food production and design menus to both anticipate and set trends.

Flavour and texture trends, consumer research, sensory panels, pricing and budget targets are all taken into consideration whilst working towards the end goal.


Whether it is new food products, processes or services, TajSATS chefs use innovation to transform their culinary ideas into reality. They understand the importance of product versatility and accordingly propose innovative solutions.