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We specialise in a wide assortment of cuisine, so we can cater to the dietary preferences of our multi-cultural clientele. Our menu accounts for the passenger profile, the time of flying and duration of the flight.

Here's a sampling of the cuisine that our award-winning chefs are renowned for:


We are famous for our regional dishes, especially of the North, South and West. Avadhi, Kerala and Chettianad fare is very popular.


Kebabs, Kadai Dishes and Balti cuisine are the preferred choice of many.


For Thai cuisine, we use authentic Thai herbs and spices. Our Szechwan style Chinese cuisine is much appreciated.


Toastadas, tacos, fajitas enchiladas, Corn Carn are some of the Mexican favourites.


Our Arabian cuisine is popular with our Middle East clientele.


We serve a wide range of Continental dishes.