Company Information

Company related information as per statutory requirements.

I. Company Details

Name of the Company: Taj SATS Air Catering Limited

Registered Office: Mandlik House, Mandlik Road, Mumbai 400 001

Corporate Identity Number: U55204MH2001PLC133177

Tel No.: +91 22 6705 7000     
Fax No.: +91 22 6705 7013
Email id:

II. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR Committee Composition:

  1. Ms. Gita Nayyar
  2. Mr. Mehernosh Kapadia
  3. Mr. Kerry Mok

CSR Policy : CSR-Policy-TSACL

CSR Projects approved by the Board for FY 2022-23:

The Company is statutorily not required to incur any expense towards CSR activities for the FY 2022-23. Consequently, there is no CSR Annual Action plan for the FY 2022-23. However, the Company continues to voluntarily undertake CSR activities for the benefit of the society.