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  • Embracing Environmental Stewardship
  • Embracing Environmental Stewardship
  • Embracing Environmental Stewardship
  • Embracing Environmental Stewardship
  • Embracing Environmental Stewardship


At TajSATS, we are committed to integrate environmental, social and ethical principles into our business, central to improving the quality of life of the communities and the environment we serve.

We together work towards promoting inclusive growth and being contributors in building our society.

Puneet Chhatwal
As the pandemic exposed the fragility of human existence, it reinforced the need for Sustainability to take centre stage. Today, there is discernible consensus that it has become even more important to chart a new tomorrow - one that is more sustainable, inclusive and secure. Our commitment to Paathya – our framework to drive sustainability and social impact measures to our business strategy while the objectives remain unwavering.
PUNEET CHHATWAL Chairman, TajSATS Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, IHCL
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With inclusion and business responsibility embedded in our DNA, we continue to weave a ‘thread of intent’ by making a difference in the communities where we operate our units.
MANISH GUPTA Chief Executive Officer


TajSATS believes in nurturing sustainable development through a culture of excellence. The company’s goals include improving the company performance by aligning operations with the sustainability framework, and nurturing a culture of responsibility and care towards the planet.

The company believes in reducing environmental impact through innovation in services, technology and processes. By educating their stakeholders to collaborate with them on this journey.

Deepening Social Engagement


TajSATS has an inclusive and collaborative approach towards helping improve the quality of life and giving back to the communities that it serves.

TajSATS is a proud member of the Tata Group; India’s finest value-based corporation. As a member of the group, TajSATS is involved in a wide variety of community development projects.

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Derived from the Sanskrit term पथ्य, inferring a path, Paathya encapsulates our initiatives to lead positive change with IHCLs core values of Trust of all stakeholders, Awareness around the needs of our ecosystem and Joy at heart.

TajSATS is charting a sustainable path forward with Paathya forging a journey focused on Environmental Stewardship, Social Responsibility, Excellence in Governance, Preserving Heritage, Value Chain Transformation, and Sustainable Growth.