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With TajSATS, one can indulge in global cuisines from around the world in their lightest, purest and most nutritious form — making dining on-board one of the pleasures of travel.

Travel is booming and now people look forward to a great on-board meal. We are continually working on introducing new concepts that include vegan meals, plant-based meals, sourdough and gluten free breads, and sugar free desserts as there is a demand for this from Airlines.
CHEF ARUN BATRA Executive Chef – Delhi
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As travel soars and tastes evolve, we aim to continually introduce progressive cuisines to curate engaging brand experiences.
CHEF RAJENDRA NAYAL Executive Chef - Mumbai


All our facilities house an exclusive tasting room called ‘The Atelier’, where the Chefs meet with partners to ideate and display the specially curated gourmet menus. The aim is to consistently deliver exceptional value by designing tailored solutions to their needs.

New Menu Philosophy

The menus designed are a confluence of craft, quality and flavour. The Chefs develop menus that use Fresh, Global & Seasonal Ingredients. The featured menus are designed keeping in mind the current trends and the comfort for both the crew as well as passengers.

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An Invaluable Partnership

The partnership between Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL) - Asia’s largest hospitality company and SATS Limited - the continent’s finest food solutions enterprise is built on the bedrock of trust and delight.

This has created an organisation that has an unwavering commitment to delivering the best-in-class culinary experiences to the leading Airlines and millions of flyers globally.